Patch notes for Village Monsters v0.90.5

Hello villagers!

Village Monsters v0.90.5 is now live on all platforms. This is a small bugfix / feedback release, and will likely be the final update before work begins on the full release (v1.0) of Village Monsters! More on that later.

Have a good weekend!

Patch Notes

Small improvements to the new library job

Small improvements to the dump and Garboar
Fixed item ratings / attributes being lost when stored or retrieved from your stash
Fixed rotation issue with the calendar page of your journal
Fixed crash related to the Sunken Treasure perk
Fixed issue when giving gifts to Lindwyrm
Fixed phantom door near Edmund and Calista's home
Fixed a number of blank entries for regional drinks
Fixed a further number of issues with pronouns
Fixed a number of incorrect exhibits in the library
Various other fixes and improvements

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Version EA-0.90.5 Feb 27, 2021 60 MB
Version EA-0.90.5 Feb 27, 2021 55 MB
Version EA-0.90.5 Feb 27, 2021

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