A downloadable cozy game for Windows and Linux

Have you ever wondered what happens inside the world of an abandoned video game? All those NPCs with their artificial lives...what happens to them after the game is powered off for that final time?

Village Monsters is an relaxing village life sim set in one such forgotten world.


My name is Josh, and I'm making Village Monsters, a life sim game in the style of *Animal Crossing*with visual & tonal inspiration from the Mother series.


Kick your feet up and put down roots in this cozy monstrous village. Here's a partial list of features you can expect to enjoy!

  • Meet and befriend dozens of whimsical monsters each with their own personalities, schedules, and problems to solve.
  • Personalize your homestead with furniture, decorations, and upgrades. Hang up new wallpaper! Plant a garden! Sit atop a strange throne you found in the woods!
  • Pick up a new hobby, like archaeology, critter collecting, gardening, or fishing, then donate your findings to the Historical Society.
  • Leave your mark on the village by unlocking new buildings, fixing up infrastructure, and customizing different aspects.
  • Fill out your daily routine with fun activities, talking with villagers, attending village events, hunting for mushrooms, and so much more!
  • Experience total immersion in a world that's constantly changing as the days go by.
  • Complete a massive journal that tracks all your collectibles, secrets, and triumphs.
  • Unravel a unique story as you explore this forgotten digital land.


Village Monsters is releasing to PC / Mac / Linux in October, 2018


I'm very active on Twitter, so if that's your thing too then I'd love to have you follow along.

There's also email (josh@warpdogs.com). Beyond that, there's lot of other choices!

Finally, if you think about it there's really just a finite number of humans out there, so if we both talk to enough of them then we'll eventually find each other. I look forward to seeing you!


Village Monsters Demo (Summer Sherbert) 31 MB
[Linux] Village Monsters Demo (Summer Sherbert) 18 MB

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This sounds wonderful! Any chances of a Mac version?

Yes, absolutely! In order to build a Mac version I need a Mac myself, and that's not in the cards right now. But soon!


What a fun little indie game I really enjoyed the style and the small little secrets and characters in the game I can't wait to play the full game! 

!!! That's so rad! Hit me up over Twitter and I'll give you a retweet


Yo man, good job with this game! Please dont discontinue it. Good Luck!!

I'm here 'til the end, baby! Thanks for the encouragement

Love what you have so far.

I meant to post this a couple weeks ago, guess I didn't hit the "Post comment" button...



Hah, thanks, buddy! Hope I can continue to impress. Glad to have you following!

Unrelated, but I seriously forget to hit "Submit" on some form or email at least once a day. I alt tab too much!

Can you list the controls?

The new version (coming out in on the 9th) will have actual explanations for the controls! Yeah, the current version really does make you guess at them