Patch notes for Village Monsters v0.90.3

Patch Notes for v0.90.3

  • Greatly improved performance on Linux and Mac
  • Added several new odd jobs to the board listing
  • Worked and added new story cutscenes to the start of the game (New Games only)
  • Reworked how critter feeding works. In general, food storage now lasts much longer
  • Changed up critter food trough to visibly show when food is running low
  • Combined the Fish and Critter collection pages into one journal section
  • Added new titles for each hobby skill level
  • Moved the records page of your journal to the System tab and added a whole bunch of new records to track
  • NOTE: Some records for loaded games will be incorrect as they weren't being tracked until this release
  • Reworked how the pass out mechanic works
  • You are now given one last chance between losing all your energy and forcing yourself to stay awake. When you see the "Exhausted" effect it's time to eat some food or get some rest immediately
  • Improved the garbage dump
  • Villagers now universally hate being gifted trash
  • Added new winter variants for a number of buildings
  • Improved look of puddles
  • Improved the look of flower and grass sway
  • Improved the look and behavior of several critters
  • Added new nicknames to the critter name generator
  • Fixed "pest" critters (Fraley Snake, Tank Treader, Queenly Ant, and Sour Worm) from displaying erroneous sprites when stabled
  • Fixed a number of incorrect pronouns
  • Fixed a rare crash in Bonfire Beach
  • Fixed additional situations where the player's name wasn't used correctly
  • Fixed doughies displaying their descriptions instead of their names
  • Fixed graphical bug on the calendar

  • Patch Notes for v0.90.1

    • Fixed crash when talking with the Clam Before The Storm
    • Fixed crash when attempting to change your name on Three Wall Island
    • Stopped villagers from referring to you as "Josh"
    • Fixed incorrect placement for the skill exp bars in some resolutions
    • Fixed mail keys from not working properly
    • Added the option to change both your character name and "username" at Three Wall Island

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    Version EA-0.90.3 Feb 23, 2021

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