New Patch: Early Access v0.80.1

This is a small patch update fixing some of the more urgent bugs found in v0.80. As always, thank you to everyone who reported bugs via email, Twitter and Discord!

Full Patch Notes

  • Players are now able to donate to a Community Fund when the village reaches a certain rank
  • Added a number of new treasures
  • Birdie has new things to say when she is working on a project
  • Fixed major crash issues stemming from a particularly troublesome octopus
  • Fixed major crash issue resulting from certain critters
  • Fixed being unable to enter the Bufferwood from Pioneer Square
  • Fixed a number of tile issues in town
  • Fixed strange tile overlapping during Autumn and Winter

Files 55 MB
Version EA-0.80.1 Sep 14, 2020 60 MB
Version EA-0.80.1 Sep 14, 2020 55 MB
Version EA-0.80.1 Sep 14, 2020

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