New Minor Patch: Early Access 0.49.5

I was originally slating for an update this Friday, but I've seen quite a few bug reports that would be fixed by the version I'm currently working on. I figured there was no reason to wait - being in Early Access means I can be flexible!

Starting with this version your game will now automatically backup your saves. Here's how it works:

- Upon selecting "Continue" the game will load the data in your save
- At the end of the day your old saves are moved to the "bak" subfolder. Only the previous day is kept as a backup
- The game then saves the new data and the next day begins

This won't impact many users, but if an update breaks your saves then this is one way to get them back. It's still a good practice to manually backup your saves if you want to be extra super sure they aren't lost


  • Your save files are now automatically backed up before each day's autosave
  • Inventory items now group themselves together when possible. This does not apply to items that can have unique attributes, like fish or critters
  • You can now view your Patchling and Battery balance directly from the inventory screen


  • Odd Jobs board is now located by the inn
  • Greatly improved look & feel of Odd Job: Weeding for Valentine
  • Added concept of timers to some Odd Jobs to reward quick completion (and penalize layabouts)
  • Various graphical changes and improvements


  • Fixed major issue in which the items in your inventory would appear to change into other items or objects. This fix only applies to new items. Old items should be safe to sell or use despite their strange appearance, but you may want to dump them if they give you problems
  • Fixed major crash related to the last item in the Patchling Goal section
  • Fixed various crashes related to the Capricious Cumulus critter
  • Fixed crash when going to sleep when a critter is following you
  • Fixed critter names resetting themselves each day
  • Fixed collision issue with the "Sleep" / "Nap" prompt
  • Fixed large number of collision issues with geometry
  • Fixed various typos
  • Fixed various technical issues
  • Disabled Buzzsaw Mode which was erroneously available

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Version EA-0.49.0 Nov 20, 2019 60 MB
Version EA-0.49.0 Nov 20, 2019 55 MB
Version EA-0.49.0 Nov 20, 2019

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