Village Monsters OUT NOW on!

Greetings Villagers!

It's finally time! Village Monsters is now officially out on

Join a cozy community of monsters. Make friends, catch fish, watch TV, then mend the world!

All copies are of course DRM-free and also come with a Steam key.

Village Monsters will remain in active development (Early Access) for about a year, so check back often - or use the app - to stay updated.

Your feedback, ideas, and bug reports will help me shape the game into something really special. I wouldn't be here without your support. Thank you!

Have fun!

Files 55 MB
Version EA-0.49.0 Nov 18, 2019 60 MB
Version EA-0.49.0 Nov 18, 2019 55 MB
Version EA-0.49.0 Nov 18, 2019

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Just featured you on the homepage. Congrats on the launch!