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Been watching this one for a while and finally picked it up today. I'm only an hour deep into it, but I've enjoyed everything so far. Just wanted to say thank you for making this game.


That's great to hear! Hope you keep having fun with it <3


This gives me some Undertale vibes, and I mean that in the absolute best way. Lovely game and I look forward to the full version.


Thanks for the kind words!!


I've had a lot of fun playing this and I think the idea of collecting things to be able to expand a world is a great idea for a game like this. My only complaint is that the days are pretty short and the dialouge from everyone is very long. I feel as though in a game like this, of course all the NPCs should act with character but, I feel that it takes a longer time to get to know people. That not everyone should tell you their full life story immidiately. You have a lot of charcters here who's differences are like night and day but I definently would like to see more aggressive monsters, some in between. Everyone should have their own oppinions more and the politics of the whole society should be decribed more through action rather than just saying everything outright. Other than that the game was very enjoyable and I had a lot of fun playing it. I hope to be able to play the full game in the future.

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Thank you so much for the detailed impressions! I generally agree that villagers are too chatty too quickly, so I'm working on a system where when you're still "strangers" they're a lot more reserved. Thanks for playing!


Hi, some feedback on the first few minutes of windows demo ...

The game has a friendly vibe!

Pressing "1" crashes the game.

Before entering the door, a message says "I want to say a few things", its not clear that I need to press Z to continue the dialogue.

Its not clear that Z is OK and X is cancel.

Some typos in the notes in the building the character wakes up in.

Looking at the painting shows an empty box along with the text, I was expecting a more detailed image of the painting.

Fun so far! :)

Really appreciate the feedback on the demo!! Most of those things should definitely be fixed for the next release, but I took a bunch of notes all the same.


I'm super excited about  this game! Any  estimate on full release yet? :)

Coming later this year ~~


Any chance we could play one of the old demos? The game looks really cool and I'd love to give it a try before the release.

I plan on making a more updated demo available soon. Perhaps by June? Trust me, you wouldn't want the older demos... the game has come a long way.

I'll make a post once it's available <3


Thanks for the response! Looking forward to it!


My God man. It's been two years and I'll say. You've done a damn good job. You've come far dude, and you've earned the right to be proud. Hope this gains a lot more attention. 


You're about to make me cry. Thank you so much for the kind words!

This looks amazing! I can't wait for it to come out.

Really enjoyed this demo, gives me a lot of inspiration to the games I would like to make, keep going!

Thanks for the kind words! Although I know it can be a double-edged sword being inspired by another game... whenever it happens to me I have to fight off the urge to add in some major new feature from the game I liked into my own

This sounds wonderful! Any chances of a Mac version?

Yes, absolutely! In order to build a Mac version I need a Mac myself, and that's not in the cards right now. But soon!


What a fun little indie game I really enjoyed the style and the small little secrets and characters in the game I can't wait to play the full game! 

!!! That's so rad! Hit me up over Twitter and I'll give you a retweet


Yo man, good job with this game! Please dont discontinue it. Good Luck!!


I'm here 'til the end, baby! Thanks for the encouragement

Love what you have so far.

I meant to post this a couple weeks ago, guess I didn't hit the "Post comment" button...



Hah, thanks, buddy! Hope I can continue to impress. Glad to have you following!

Unrelated, but I seriously forget to hit "Submit" on some form or email at least once a day. I alt tab too much!

Can you list the controls?

The new version (coming out in on the 9th) will have actual explanations for the controls! Yeah, the current version really does make you guess at them

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