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So sad that the wiki is basically non-existant so far! I just started playing this again after realising that 1.0 has been released. My question is, how can I donate things to the library please? Does this happen later in the game? I am only on Spring 7.

Heads up, the Linux build worked til recently, but now that my distro doesn't ship a version 1.0 of libcrypto anymore,  I get 

./VillageMonsters: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

This seems like the sort of library you might want to bundle with the release?

Thanks for making this game!

I too had a similar problem, and after some research I found that apparently Yoyogames implemented the option to generate an AppImage for Linux as a build option, which should solve this problem.

The long and short of it is that Yoyogames made Gamemaker for Linux depend on libraries that are in the steam runtime, and they still are, but it's super hard to get those to work when the game isn't installed via Steam. An AppImage would bundle all those into a single file, which would be a much better option for Itch :)

I really enjoyed this game a while back when I first found it in the Racial Equality Bundle, so I'd love to try 1.0.

Josh, I played your game Village Monsters, and have to say I enjoyed it quite a bit.  The friendly monster theme really appealed to me as someone who likes similar town sims and loves unique characters in games. You've really done a great job with dialogue and environment exploration. To anybody interested, I showcased this game through Indie Game Collective on my blog here: It was really cool and I have nothing but positive things to say!


I get this error when I click "How does this work" at the Library. Just so you know.




action number 1

of  Step Event0

for object obj_DialogBox:

DoAdd :: Execution Error

at gml_Script_src_AddNewSentence


gml_Script_src_AddNewSentence (line -1)



gml_Script_src_ParseDialog_Choice (line -1)



(1 edit)

Can you explain why you have a f slur in the game? 

And why you have a bug where a character says they like sex?

Deleted 308 days ago

God, I have no words for how sorry I am for this.

In short, a bug caused the game to incorrectly use debug text in a cutscene.

There are parts of the game where I need to check for profanity and slurs. To test these features, I use about 40 lines of text, 10 of which that contain purposefully inappropriate things to ensure the game handles them correctly.

This text was only meant for internal testing and never meant to be seen by the player, and I should have done more to prevent that from happening

They text has been completely wiped in v1.05. A further explanation is here:

I am so sorry this happened. No amount of explanation is suitable for letting this bug slip by.

Well, that makes sense. 

Thanks for explaining the weirdness. 

Hello! How do I save in this game? Bought it before, but I am a bit lost. Thank you!

The game auto-saves at the end of each day!

Thank you so much!

Deleted 312 days ago

Never mind, my goof


i've had this game in the back of my mind since the racial equality bundle, can't wait to get back into it when 1.0 comes out!


any further update on when 1.0 is coming out?  I haven't played the game since the racial bundle, and want to give it a go to see what changes have been made.  Should i wait till 1.0 or give it a go now?


I've been following along with 1.0 progress on the Trello board (link in the latest dev log update - "Building a Village: Open Heart Development"). Looks like it's getting pretty close but still might be some weeks away!


Oof, I've gone far too long between updating on! I always forget to post the things I do on Steam and Kickstarter here.

In short, kcharnet has the right of it. Very close, "weeks" instead of "months" away. Hard to say for sure, every day I'm in a flurry of activity and some days I feel really good and some days I feel super bad. But it's coming up!

I would personally wait for v1.0 instead of starting a new game


I just downloaded it and it's so cute! I think it'll definitely become a favorite of mine. I did notice that there was a window in the potions and cakes shop (don't remember the exact name) that appeared to be under the counter. I could interact with it and everything. Please keep up the great work on this game!!!! 


Thanks for the bug report, and the comment! I'll definitely keep up the work. Look forward to v1.0!


Just downloaded this game and lemme tell ya, I absolutely love it already. The characters seem super awesome and I love catching critters with my net. The graphics are so lovely too. Can't wait for the full version to come out! I'm so excited to keep playing more and sharing things I love about this game.

*As a side note, I have no idea where to report glitches, so I'll report a minor one I found: In the inn, when you play the guitar, if you go upstairs and then back downstairs after playing it, then if you go play it again the music "stacks" on itself. And you can repeatedly stack it too by going up and back downstairs and playing, I got it to stack at least 5 times and I probably could have stacked it more. Super duper minor but thought it should be shared.

Thank you so much for the kind words!! It really means a lot to me. Look forward to the upcoming version 1.0 release!

In terms of reporting bugs, here is fine, or you can report them in-game (there's an option in the menu). I jotted this one down to fix for 1.0


I just wanted to say that I really love your game. The characters are so fascinating, cute, cool and their dialogue is awesome.  It's hard to find a game where the dialogue is this good.  I LOVE the atmosphere.  The cloud that you catch is my favourite "item" design.  The only suggestion I would make is the lighting - when it turns dark outside it's quite jarring how stark the contrast is.  If you made the lighting a bit more like Stardew Valley (when it turns dusk it's very gentle, soft and real looking lighting)  I think that would help your game so much. I am super excited for it to come out on switch.  

Just one question:  I ordered this via humble bundle, and I was wondering how to update the version I got when I first downloaded it over a year ago to the lastest versions?  Or will I have to redownload every version and start over?  (I hope not lol)


Thanks for all the nice words and feedback! I really hope you'll love the final release even more

You should be fine downloading the latest version and installing it "on top of" the one you have. You won't need to start over, your save files are stored elsewhere. If you use's app then I think it'll handle the update automatically for you.


Thank you, I just got the app too!  Can't wait to play the final release on switch!!  Gonna make a day out of it :)

Sounds great!


I played this for a few nights when I got it in a Bundle and something about it just made me smile. I put it down until it comes out of early access as I know I’ll love it. Also if possible it’d be fantastic to have this game on mobile. Mobile gaming needs premium games like this to really get people interested in gaming on their phones again. 

Thank you so much for the kind words!

I would also love to see VM on mobile some day. The engine is GameMaker Studio, so in theory I should be able to get it up and running easily (on a technical level), but I'd have to work on the UI and controls.

Still, I'll be sure it's on my radar. After PC / Max / Linux I'm going to target the Switch and all other console platforms.


Hi. I'm really enjoying this game, but I have a question. What can you do in dev mode? Or how do you use it?

Dev mode is just a silly thing that lets you use some of the debug commands I use for testing. Page Up / Page Down can change the time of day and season. F2 lets you teleport, while F4 lets you add items to your inventory

It's not meant to be a super useful function, but I thought, hey, couldn't hurt to let people play with it while in Early Access :)


I enjoyed Village Monsters so much I added it to my Hidden Gems Series :)

A like/subscribe would be a huge help to continue these. <3 Enjoy your day!

why is it the demo version ?


Village Monsters is currently in early access, but I anticipate the full release being finished by this Spring

Purchasing the game means you'll get v1.0 (and all future updates and free DLC) in the future


so i've only played this for one evening (and like a week in-game) and I kinda love it already??? it's so nice. bless your mind for a Kind Robot Cowboy, I love Valentine so much. i need all the hearts with him. i still have zero and idk if it just takes this long or should i do more than tasks and letters. still love it tho

This makes me so happy to hear! There's an enormous update coming out in the next couple weeks, so I hope you'll check it out once it hits. It'll make increasing your hearts a lot easier


I've never been able to enjoy and play Stardew Valley-type games but I am REALLY liking Village Monsters and have obsessively played through about 10 hours now. I think it's because of the monsters, tbh. And because Yggette the tree sends me positive vibes every day which is SO nice. I'm looking forward to the next update!

I love this comment so much! Thank you for sharing!


Hi! I have a little thing I want to talk about regarding something slightly spoilery, is there a way for me to DM you so that doesn't have to be posted?

Sure! I think the easiest way would be via email ( You can also DM me on Twitter (

I can't open my existing game in any version after EA.080.02! It crashes when I try to continue my game. Any suggestions or do I have to start over?

Can you send me an email ( with a screenshot of what the crash looks like? I should be able to figure it out from that

I got the game thru the big ol' bundle, but when i download the game (mac ver!) and try to open it, it says that the game can't be found :< Does anyone know what could be going on?

Hello! This seems to be a common issue with downloaded games on Mac. It seems related to security on MacOS. suggests using their App ( to rectify this issue.

Unfortunately I'm unable to do much from my end, but I've had lots of reports of this solution working for others, so please give it a shot.


I'm enjoying this game a lot -- but I'm on Sept. 10 of the first year and the game has crashed 5 times, especially when I go to the beach. It's frustrating having to start days over all the time! Do I need to download an update or something to stop this from happening? 

(1 edit)

Hey, I'm really sorry about that! I'll have a fix out for that crash very soon (within the next day or so)


(Just FYI, this bug is now fixed! It was due to a rambunctious octopus. Thanks for reporting it)

Thanks! FYI the crashes are happening again. 

This has been fixed as of yesterday's patch. Thanks for letting me know!

i got that bug twice today, but it worked the third time


I am really loving this game so far! The dialogue is great, the glitch mechanics are really interesting and it is overall very good looking. I especially like how well the characters are fleshed out and how you keep learning new things about them as you get to know them better.

I have one question: if you were to update the game, would I lose my progress if I redownloaded it? I got it from the racial justice bundle so I do not have a steam key. (I'm new to itch so maybe this is a very silly question!)


Not a silly question at all! The good news is that your progress will be maintained with each update. Just replace your downloaded folder (or use the app) and load your save file.

Once I hit version 1.0 - aka the 'final' release - then I may have everyone restart, but even then you'll be able to keep playing your old save files with the old version of the game.

(1 edit) (+1)

im still really early in the game but im having a lot of fun with it, when it used my usual name and not my characters name lol, that really got me! (i also was already pretending that my character used a different name when they started fighting like a stage name, so it was a fun surprise for that to)  no idea how you did that, i dont remember asking for two names? im still really early in it, like i said, and i cant wait to find out more about this village~

Thanks so much for the kind words!!

hi! im not very familiar with so my apologies if this question is silly. i bought the game in the racial equality bundle, where would i get the steam key for it?


you bought a direct download no drm like steam


None of the games in the Racial Equality bundle come with Steam keys. However, I keep updated with the exact same version on Steam and upload the new updates at the same time

If you prefer Steam then purchasing the game from this page will include a Steam key, so you'd have both a DRM free version and a Steam version.

I bought this in a large pack of games but I have to repurchase it for $15, why?

You want to go to your account and download it from the bundles tab

you do not.. go to your account, purchases, bundles and the bundle you bought it in.. then there is a spot for that to search for games.. find it there and download direct

(1 edit) (+4)

Every time I find out some of the characters relations to others it makes me so happy lol. I'm pretty unobservant so it took me a while to even realize that was a thing but I just love Mock and Birdie as a couple and Bugs and Zigi are the cutest siblings and I love that there's a three generation family. I just love the characters.

Thank you so much for the kind words! It was definitely a big priority of mine to make the villagers have existing relationship, as if they have a life outside of your own. I'm so glad you're appreciating them!


This might be silly, but for the life of me I can't figure out how projects to improve shops etc. work. Any help/hints? Also, generally really enjoying this game!


You're not crazy! The framework for village projects / etc. exists in the game, but it's far from finished. The next release (coming next week) should do more to address this aspect of the game. You'll be able to improve the general store, library, and the town itself. (plus your home, of course)


I really really need a pause key. I usually have lots of interruptions when I'm playing games, and I end up losing a lot of day time because I can't stop.

Also, don't know if it's just me, but most of the time I can't pay attention to dialogue while knowing time is still passing while I read. Even when I have spare time, I can't stop thinking about it. I end up rushing a lot of things because of that.


I'd agree with this. All the dialog is really unique and I feel like I miss out hear the villagers out because I'm stressing about time, and a slow reader. An auto pause would also be useful when I open up my inventory to read about the villagers, and check the star ratings of businesses


Time *should* pause whenever you're in menus, including dialogue. However! It seems there's at least one bug preventing that from always working. Sorry about that! It was definitely not my intention for you to feel rushed. I'll fix that in the next release.

I totally get what you mean about time adding pressure and stress. It's a delicate balancing act of making days both not too short and not too long.

Oh, that changes everything. Never realized it could be a bug.

Taking that into account,  I think the amount of time of each day we have now should be just enough.

Btw, I'm playing Mac version, maybe it helps knowing that for fixing the bug.

I'm looking forward to play the next release!


Just wanted to follow up and say this bug will definitely be fixed for next time. Thanks again for reporting it.


I remember that tittle music from Destination Kepler. I loved that little game.


Oh, neat! All the in-game music is from Josh Woodward who puts out Creative Commons music. His acoustic tracks are wonderful and really fit the relaxing mood I'm going for.

Just downloaded the game and, after unzipping and attempting to open the game, I get the following warning: "“Village Monsters” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash." I'm attempting to play the game on macOS Mojave. :)


Hello! This seems to be a common issue with downloaded games on Mac. It seems related to security on MacOS. suggests using their App ( to rectify this issue.

Unfortunately I'm unable to do much from my end, but I've had lots of reports of this solution working for others, so please give it a shot.


Had the same error, tried with App and it worked!! 



How... is this game so good without anyone knowing about it? Its a very relaxed town "sim", that plays like a mix of Animal Crossings laid back charme, Undertales characters and Harvest Moons mechanics. What really gets me is how much effort and thought the developer put into ever single of these characters, making this a very wholesome and relaxing experience that you want to go back to. You are the last human and live among Monsters, fishing, hunting, farming, spelunking, digging for treasure, searching for the secrets of the world and getting to know an immeasurably adorable and likable cast of characters. Still not fully finished, but great stuff. 4,5/5

More Racial Justice bundle impressions and ranking:

Love this review! Thank you so much for taking the time to play Village Monsters and to write this up.


The love you poured into this really shines through, I honestly didnt expect this game to have so much heart and be so charmingly written and just an overall escapist good mood package. I played a ton of Indies for these impressions and this is one of my biggest surprises so far.  Thanks for putting so much effort into it over these years!


I purchased this game in the Racial Justice and Equality Bundle, and I gotta say, I love it. It's a fun, and gives me SDV vibes with a little bit of a dark sense of humor. I really look forward to seeing what's planned for Village Monsters.

Really appreciate the kind words! <3

Is there a place to upload bug reports with images?


Best place would be Discord:

There's a Bug Report channel

Bug report. It happens right after the first town meeting ends. Right when you get control of your character, a thing pops up and you have to abort it. 

New game. First time playing it. 

So sorry you're experiencing this. I'm trying to track down the source of this bug. What is your OS? Windows, Mac or Linux?

Hey, just wanted to follow up that this bug has been fixed in the patch I released yesterday (v0.75.2). Let me know if you continue to have any issues, and thank you so much for reporting it!

hey another bug report... freezing after the cutscene with the town meeting?

Do you recall when or where it freezes? Is this a new game, or an existing save file?

seems to only happen when continuing  new game seems to fix it but users shoudl be made aware to start a new game.. it was freezing right after the first town meeting cutscene time would move but you could not do any input even esc

Hey, just wanted to follow up that this bug has been fixed in the patch I released yesterday (v0.75.2). Let me know if you continue to have any issues, and thank you so much for reporting it!

Deleted 2 years ago

This bug will be fixed in the next update (releasing sometime tomorrow)

Deleted 187 days ago

I'm really sorry about that. Unfortunately, those are the requirements to run any GameMaker Studio 2 game in Linux, which means I'm unable to change them

Hi, just bought this game and really looking forward to it.  Can you tell me how to make it full screen?  I tried Alt+Enter, F5, F6 ... none of the shortcuts work.  Thanks.


Nevermind just found out it's inside the menu 

Hi! Only a couple bugs encountered (I walked around the sky around the forest once, it was pretty neat, and another time i walked out of the crossroads going to the village but it got me stuck up there for a few seconds); otherwise, I'm completely in love. I got the game with the bundle, and I'm really vibing with it. Great work! I eagerly await character customization, events and dialogue options with the NPCs! They're very endearing and they feel like their own person, I legitimately found myself wanting to know them better. Thank you for your hard work!

Thanks for your bug reports, and also for your kind words! Glad to have you along for the ride :) There's a lot of work to do between here and version 1.0, but it'll be well worth it.

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